Bridesburg Business Association (Est. 1952)

"Buy in Bridesburg"
Mission Statement:
The Bridesburg Business Assocation, established in 1952, was created to support and encourage businesses in Bridesburg in order to promote a harmonious and fluid environment for the community to shop, live and work.
What does the BBA do?
1.   The BBA sponsors the 'Bridesburg Bulletin'. The newspaper is distributed throughout the neighborhood to everyone's home and business free of charge. The paper is supported by the ads from our business group.
2.   The BBA is the co-sponsor of 'Bridesburg Pride Week'. This Pride Week Celebration is held every other year.
3.   The BBA supports a scholarship program in the community. Each year the BBA grants three $500.00 scholarships to some of the outstanding students for their High School education.
4.   The BBA is a watchdog for improper business practices in the community.
5.   The BBA will support new business enterprises trying to get started in the Bridesburg community.
6.   The annual dues for the BBA is $30.00.
The Board of the Bridesburg Business Association meets once a month on the second Tuesday unless otherwise noted. There are no meetings held during the months of July and August.